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Sync Error Log

The sync log file contains the detailed information of the sync process on your device. Our support will be able to identify the cause of the sync issue with this log file.


To retrieve sync error log file, please follow the steps provided below:

Go to Settings > Storage & USB Device (under the Device category), which will bring you to your Internal Storage.
In your Internal Storage page, scroll down until you see a folder labelled Android. Tap on the folder labelled Android.
In the folder labelled Android, locate the folder labelled Tap on the folder labelled
In the folder, locate the folder labelled Files and tap on it.
In the folder Files, locate a file titled log.txt.


Open Files app on iOS > On My iPhone/iPad > Journey > Retrieve JourneyLogs.txt.

Alternatively, plug the iPhone/iPad into the laptop > open iTunes > Find your device > File Sharing > Journey > Retrieve JourneyLogs.txt.

Updated on: 06/05/2021

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