With Journey.Cloud Membership, you can setup automated zap recipes and trigger actions using Zapier.

Zapier is in beta and is an invite-only feature. For early access, please sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/8UAIw3Yg46hCjZlM2

Please ensure that you are invited first before you can use this feature.

Configure Web Settings

Go to Journey.Cloud > settings > automation.
Copy the API token to clipboard.
Click on the Zapier link to create a new zap. If you have not created an account in Zapier, please create one before proceeding.

Setup Zapier

Under Action in Choose Account, click Connect an Account.

Input your email address (i.e. Journey.Cloud) and paste the API token into the API key.

Once successfully, you can start to create zap in Journey.

Suggested Zapier Recipes
Pull Post From Instagram via Zapier
Pull Twitter Tweets via Zapier
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