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Legacy Backup

Journey Cloud Sync introduces a thoughtful and innovative feature known as Legacy, specifically designed to ensure that your precious thoughts and memories are securely passed on to your chosen loved ones even when you are not around to do so yourself. This feature recognizes the importance of preserving personal memories and grants your trusted friends or family members access to your digital journal entries under specific conditions.

Below, we outline how to set up and understand the Legacy feature on your Journey Cloud Sync drive, ensuring your digital legacy is preserved and cherished by those you hold dear.

Setting Up Legacy

Step 1: Activate Journey Cloud Sync Drive

To access the Legacy feature, you must first setup Journey Cloud Sync.

Step 2: Turn On Legacy Feature

Navigate to the settings of your Journey Cloud Sync drive in the web app where you will find the option to activate the Legacy feature. Upon activation, Journey will send a confirmation request to verify your intent.

Step 3: Choose Wait Out Period

Upon successful activation, you are prompted to select a wait out period for the Legacy feature to take effect—options include a 6-month or a 12-month duration. This period serves as a grace time to determine inactivity.

Step 4: Assign Trustees

You will need to assign up to 5 trustees by entering their email addresses. These trustees are individuals you trust to handle your Journey Cloud Sync after the stipulated wait out period, should you become inactive or unable to respond.

How Does Legacy Work?

Two months prior to the end of your chosen waiting period, Journey will reach out to you three times on different days to confirm activity on your account if there has been no activity. Should you fail to respond due to inactivity or inability to access your account, the Legacy process will commence.

Journey will archive your account and journals, generating a secure link to this archive. This link will be emailed to your designated trustees at the end of your chosen waiting period, allowing them to download and access your memories. Note, this link will expire after the wait out period completes.

Trustees are only informed and given access to the archive if the account owner is confirmed inactive or unable to use their account at the end of the wait out period.

The identity of the trustees remains confidential within Journey until the Legacy process is initiated.

If your drive is encrypted, it's crucial to share the passphrase with your trustees separately. Trustees are not automatically notified by Journey; this responsibility falls upon you to communicate your decision and passphrase to them at an appropriate time.

Updated on: 19/03/2024

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