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Odyssey AI

Odyssey AI is a smart journaling assistant designed to deepen your self-understanding. This innovative feature employs state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to analyze your journal content, understanding its context and sentiment. You can ask Odyssey AI questions about your own life, patterns, moods, and the progress toward your goals. It then generates insightful, personalized responses, drawing from the treasure trove of self-revelations contained within your past entries.

How to Use Odyssey AI

Embarking on the journey with Odyssey AI is straightforward. The following steps will guide users through initiating and effectively employing this innovative feature via the Journey web app.

Step 1: Set Up Journey Cloud Sync Drive

To utilize Odyssey AI, you will need to create a Journey Cloud Sync drive.

Odyssey AI is not available for Google Drive, Journey Cloud Sync (encrypted), and self-hosted Journey Cloud Sync.

Step 3: Create a Baseline of Journal Entries

Odyssey AI requires substantive data to analyze in order to deliver personalized insights. Therefore, it is recommended for users to compose and save a minimum of ten journal entries within their Journey Cloud Sync.

Step 4: Access Odyssey AI

With sufficient data provided, users can proceed to access Odyssey AI. Navigate to the Odyssey AI in the app.

Step 5: Accept Terms of Usage

Prior to using Odyssey AI, please review and agree to the terms of usage.

Odyssey AI is disabled by default.

Step 6: Engage with Odyssey AI

With the preliminary steps completed, users are now positioned to interact with Odyssey AI. By entering relevant questions into the designated query field and submitting these inquiries, users can expect thoughtful, AI-generated responses based on the analysis of their journal entries. This process facilitates a deeper exploration and understanding of one's life, moods, patterns, and progress toward goals, harnessed through the power of AI.

Updated on: 18/05/2024

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