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Action: Create Journal Entry

Body text of an entry.
If the input is rich text, ensure that it is enclosed with <html></html>. Html to Markdown converter supports basic Html elements such as a, br, hr, h1, i, b, strong, em, blockquote, ul, ol, li, and many more.

Type: String
Key: text
Default: Empty String

Tags of an entry.

Type: Array of Strings
Key: tags

Media attachment Urls of an entry. Maximum of 10 photo, 1 video, or 1 audio file.
Supported MIME types: image/jpeg, image/png, video/mp4, image/gif, audio/mp3, audio/mpeg

Type: Array of Strings
Key: media

Address, name of a street or a place.

Type: String
Key: address
Default: Empty String

Location (Longitude)
Type: Float
Key: lon

Location (Latitude)
Type: Float
Key: lat

Motion activity.
None = 0
Stationary = 1
Eating = 2
Walking = 3
Running = 4
Biking = 5
Automotive = 6
Flying = 7

Type: Integer
Key: activity
Default: 0

Also known as Starred entry.

Type: Boolean
Key: favourite
Default: False

Weather (°C)
Temperature in degree Celsius.

Type: Float
Key: weather_degree_c

Weather Icon
Weather icon code. Refer to: OpenWeatherMap

Type: String
Key: weather_icon
Example: 01d

Time Zone
Timezone Ids of an entry. Refer to here.

Type: String
Key: timezone
Default: Empty String
Example: Asia/Singapore

Sentiment of the user.
None = 0
Very Dissatisfied = 0.25
Dissatisfied = 0.75
Neutral = 1
Satisfied = 1.25
Very Satisfied = 1.75

Type: Float
Key: sentiment
Default: 0

Currently unsupported.

Type: String
Key: folder
Default: Empty String
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