Main Interface

Journey iOS Main Interface

The journal entries are arranged chronologically in descending order.

Add Entry
You can create a text, picture or video journal. To create an entry, tap "+" to open the editor.

Tap on the Search icon to search entries containing the specific word and phrase.

Tips: Entries can also be searched by tags, activities and sentiments.
Sync Status
Tap on the Cloud icon to check the synchronization status (includes date and time of the last sync).

Delete Entry
Swipe left on the entry that you want to delete > tap on the Trash icon.


This is a newly added feature in Version 4.0.0.
Journey iOS Stories

Click on the respective circles to view the following:

Today: To view the overall statistics of your journal and the Mood Tracker.
Coach Prompt: To view your Journal Coach's prompt for the day.
Throwback: To preview your past entries from a year or several years ago.

Tips: To view the actual entry itself, tap on the 'Tap to Preview' button.


Journey iOS Timeline

Tap an entry in the list to open it in the timeline.

Preview Media
If a journal entry contains photos or a video, the media preview will be shown in the timeline.

Edit Entry
To edit an entry, tap on the Pen icon to open the editor.

Share, Export, Print & Publish Entry

Share Menu

To share or export an entry, tap on the Share icon.

Export to ZIP
Export to PDF
Export to DOCX
Copy Text
Copy All

Map View
To view the location where the entry was created, tap on the Map icon.

View Previous and Next Entry
Swipe right to view the next entry, and swipe left to view the previous entry. Alternatively, tap on the left or right arrow at the bottom of the timeline.

Media Preview

Journey iOS Preview

Tap on the media preview in timeline to view the original media.

High Quality Media
Tap on the "HQ" button to change a photo from low to high resolution and vice versa. (Requires internet connection)

Download Media
Tap on the "Download" button to directly download the media file from Google Drive to your local storage. (Requires internet connection)

View Multiple Photos
Swipe right to view the next photo.

Calendar View

Journey iOS Infinite Scroll Calendar

Tap on a date to view a list of all the entries that were made on that specific day.

View Entries for a Specific Month and Year
To view the entries made for a specific month and year, tap on the Calendar icon > select the specific month and year that you would like to navigate to.

View More Entries
To view the various entries made for each month, swipe up or down.

Photo Gallery

Journey iOS Photo Gallery

Photos are ordered according to the Most Recent Photos to Past Photos, and it is sorted based on the date of when they were uploaded or attached to an entry.

Previewing an Entry
To preview the entry that a specific photo is attached to, tap on the thumbnail of the photo.

View More Photos
To view more photos, swipe up or down.


Journey iOS Editor

To open the editor, tap on the "+" button to create a new entry. To edit an existing entry, tap on the Pen icon in the timeline.

Save & Discard Entry
To save an entry, tap on the Done button. To discard an entry, tap on the Trash icon.

Change Date & Time of Entry
Please refer to the article on 'How to Change the Date & Time of an Entry?'

Bottom Toolbar

Journey iOS Toolbar

The bottom toolbar has three sections: metadata, writing tools, word and character count. To reveal more options, swipe left on the toolbar.

In the metadata section, you can:

Attach Media File
Change and Remove Location
Update and Remove Weather Information
Change Motion Activity
Add a Sentiment
Add & Remove Tags

In the writing section, the available tools are:

Formatting Shortcuts.
Undo and Redo.

The last section shows the word and character count as indicated by W and C respectively.


Journey iOS Settings

The following information and functions are accessible via the Settings:

User's Profile Details: Displays your username, profile picture and current purchase or subscription status.
Logout from Account: To logout from the email address that is currently signed in to Journey.
View Add-Ons: To purchase a Membership or restore your existing purchase.
General: To customize your Journey interface.
Cloud Services: To access e-mail services (i.e. Composing an Entry via Email and Setup Email Reminder) and Zapier automation. (Requires internet connection)
Stories: To enable or disable 'Throwback' notifications.
Publish: To add an existing publishing service to publish your entry to. (Requires internet connection)
Reminder: To enable or disable the sending of reminder notifications.
Security: To setup, replace or remove a passcode.
Data: To import entries, or to export your entries as PDF, docx or a ZIP file.
Help: To contact our Help Desk or learn about our Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.
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