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Journey.Cloud Main Interface

The journal entries are displayed according to last modified date and time.

For example, there are 3 entries: entry 1, 2 and 3 whereby entry 3 is the newest entry. The order display on Journey.Cloud is entry 3 (top), 2 and 1 (last). If entry 1 has been edited, the display order will be entry 1 (top), 3 and 2 (last).

Add Entry

You can create a text, photo or audio journal entry. To create an entry, click on the + New button.


Journey.Cloud Editor

Edit Entry

Click on the entry that you would like to delete > click on the Pencil icon.

Top Toolbar

Please refer to the 'Formatting Shortcuts' article. (Membership Exclusive Feature)

Bottom Toolbar

Attach Media File

Add Geo Location

Add Weather

Add Mood Emoji

Add Motion Activity

Add Tags

Save Entry

Click the tick icon to save an entry.

Delete Entry

Click on the entry that you would like to delete > click on the Pencil icon > click on the red colored Trash icon.

Publish Entry

Click on the โ‹ฎ icon > Click on Publish > Click on the publishing service that you would like to use > Enter the required information > Click on Publish.

You must first add a publishing service to utilize this feature.

Media Preview

Journey.Cloud Media Preview

Preview Media

If a journal entry contains photos or a video, a small media preview will be shown on the right-hand side of the entry in your timeline.

View Media

To view your photos or video, click on the entry containing the media.

Install App

Install App on Web Interface

The Journey application for other platforms can be downloaded via the Web Interface as well:

iOS/iPad OS
Mac OS (Big Sur)
Mac OS (Classic)
Windows (64-bit)
Windows (32-bit)
Chrome Webstore


Settings View in Web Interface


Allows you to change the Theme, Font Type, Font Size, Line Height, Language and Unit System.


Displays userโ€™s account information.


Allows you to setup a passcode.


Displays your Journey.Cloud Membership status.

Cloud Services

Membership users can access the following features:

Create Entry via Email.

Set Up an Email Reminder.

Automate using Zapier.


Allows you to add a new publishing service for the publishing of your entries.

Currently, Journey only supports the publishing of entries to Tumblr, Wordpress and Ghost.

Updated on: 30/04/2021

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