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Main Interface

The journal entries are arranged chronologically in descending order.

Add Entry

You can create a text, picture, and video journal. To create an entry, tap "+" to open the editor.

Tap the Search icon to search entries containing the specific word and phrase.

Sync Status

Tap the sync arrow icon to check synchronization status (includes date and time of the last sync).

Delete Entry

Long-tap and select an entry. You can also select multiple entries. Tap the delete icon.

You can also view the journal entries in calendar, media, atlas view.


View your journal entries in calendar view. Scroll the calendar up/down to move to another month. Click on the calendar icon to jump to a specific month and year.


View all of your media files in media view.


View your geo-tagged journal entries in a map. Click on the cluster icons to view your entries around the location.


Tap an entry in the list to open it in timeline.

Preview Media

If a journal entry contains photos or a video, the media preview will be shown in the timeline.

Edit Entry

To edit an entry, tap the Pen icon to open the editor.

Share, Export, Print & Publish Entry

To share entry, tap Share icon > Share.

To print an entry to PDF, tap Print icon > Print/PDF.

To publish an entry, tap menu (3 vertical dots) > Publish.

Export to ZIP
Export to PDF
Export to DOCX

View Previous and Next Entry

Swipe right to view the next entry. Swipe left to view the previous entry. Alternatively, tap the left or right arrow at the bottom of the timeline.

Media Preview

Tap media preview in timeline to view the media in fullscreen.

Download Media From Cloud

Tap to directly download the media file from the cloud service to your local storage. (Requires wi-fi connection)

View Multiple Photos

Swipe right to view the next photo.


To open the editor, either tap "+" to create a new entry. To edit an existing entry, tap the Pen icon in the timeline.

Save & Discard Entry

Tap the tick icon to save an entry. To discard any changes, tap the menu (3 vertical dots) > Discard.

Change Date & Time of Entry

Refer to How to Change the Date & Time of an Entry?

Add & Remove Tags

Refer to Add Tags & Remove a Tag.

Bottom toolbar

The bottom toolbar has three sections: metadata, writing tools, word and character count. Scroll the toolbar horizontally to reveal more options.

In the metadata section, you can:

Change and remove location
Update and remove weather information
Attach media file
Add an activity
Add a mood

In the writing section, the available tools are:

Text formatting
Undo and redo
Previous and next cursor jump

The last section shows the word and character count as indicated by w and c respectively.

Connect to keyboard

This option requires a physical or bluetooth keyboard. Tap menu ⋮ > Connect to keyboard... .

Updated on: 15/12/2023

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