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In-app Purchase Comparison

The Journey Premium License is a one-time purchase that unlocks all paid features (excluding coach) on the platform that you've bought from.

The Monthly/Annual Membership is a subscription service which unlocks Journey on all platforms (including the web services). There is also an option to purchase Membership for Lifetime.

Sync to Google Drive
Access to mobile & web app⚠️ (Limited access)
Access to desktop app
Text formatting⚠️ (Limited access on web app)
Media upload⚠️ (Limited photos upload. No audio & video upload)
Add Weather to entry⚠️ (No access to historical data)
Publish to Wordpress, Ghost & Tumblr⚠️ (Complimentary access)
Print/Export entries⚠️ (Limited access)
Coach programs⚠️ (Limited access)⚠️ (Limited access)
Compose entry via email
Receive daily reminders via email
Zapier Automation
Live support⚠️ (Limited support)✅ (Priority support)
Payment OptionsFree with limited accessOne license per platform for Android, iOS, Mac, PC & Linux. Lifetime payment. License is non-transferable.Unlock on all platforms. Monthly, Annual or Lifetime payment.

Updated on: 23/06/2022

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