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In-app Purchase Comparison

Journey offers two separate plans: Premium and Membership. The Journey Premium License is a one-time purchase that unlocks all paid features (excluding coach) on the platform that you've bought from. The Monthly/Annual Membership is a subscription service which unlocks Journey on all platforms (including the web services). There is also an option to purchase Membership for Lifetime.

Sync to Google Drive
Sync to Journey Cloud Sync⚠️ (Limited storage & quota)⚠️ (Limited storage & quota)
End-to-end Encryption
Access to mobile & web app⚠️ (Limited access)⚠️ (Excluding web services)
Access to desktop app⚠️ (One license per platform)
Text formatting⚠️ (Limited access on web app)
Media upload⚠️ (Limited photos upload. No audio & video upload)
Retrieve weather info⚠️ (No access to historical data)
Add links to other entries
Themes⚠️ (Limited access on web app)
Custom templates⚠️ (Only on Mac Classic, Windows & Linux app)
Publish to Wordpress, Ghost & Tumblr⚠️ (Complimentary access)
Cloud Print/Export
Print/Export entries (Legacy)⚠️ (Limited access)
Coach programs⚠️ (Limited access)⚠️ (Limited access)
Coach templates⚠️ (Limited access)⚠️ (Limited access)
Compose entry via email
Receive daily reminders via email
Shared journals
Shared web links⚠️ (Create up to 2 web links only)⚠️ (Create up to 2 web links only)✅ (Create up to 50 web links)
Odyssey AI⚠️ (Ask 10 questions per day only)⚠️ (Ask 10 questions per day only)✅ (Ask 50 questions per day)
Zapier Automation
Community Forum
Live support⚠️ (Limited support)✅ (3-5 days support)✅ (Priority 1-2 days support)
Payment OptionsFree with limited accessOne license per platform for Android, iOS, Mac, PC & Linux. Lifetime payment. License is non-transferable.Unlock on all platforms. Monthly, Annual or Lifetime payment.

Updated on: 14/06/2024

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