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Import Day One

Export Day One Entries

Open Day One.
Export journal to JSON.
Rename filename to 1 Entries -

Import Day One Entries

Please note that video and audio files cannot be imported into Journey.


Transfer 1 Entries - to phone storage Download folder
Open Journey, go to Settings > Data & Cloud Services > select a cloud service > Import.
Select 1 Entries -


Open Journey, go to Settings > Data > Import.

Mac Classic, PC, Linux

Open Journey, go to Settings > Database > Import.
Drag 1 Entries – into the drop zone.


Select Journey > Preferences > Data > Import > Select 1 Entries – > Open.


Go to web app > settings > cloud > select a Journey Cloud Sync Drive > Import.

Day One import in web is only supported for Journey Cloud Sync.

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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