Unable to Sign in to Google on Desktop
When you sign in to your Google account on the desktop app and receive an error message, this indicates that the connection to Google Drive is blocked.

Unable to sign in. Please try again.
(Identity: )

(Identity: )

Check with your Domain Administrator (For G Suite accounts)
The domain administrator might have disabled the Google Drive apps. Please contact your domain administrator.

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Ensure Port 5090 is not used/blocked
Ensure that localhost port 5090 is not used or blocked by computer.

Check if Connection is Blocked by Firewall
Please check if the Google sign in page or the app is blocked by a firewall software. Turn off the firewall temporarily.

Check if Connection is Blocked by China's "Great Firewall"
For users using Journey in China, please setup VPN using Shadowsocks and Proxifier.

For Shadowsocks, please read the setup instructions here.

For Proxifier, please refer to the instructions below.

Set up a proxy server:

File > Proxy server > fill in the server address, port 1080 and Socks version 5.

Open remote DNS resolution:

In the menu bar, click Profile > Name Resolution > uncheck Automatically Detect DNS Settings > check Resolve Hostname Through Proxy.

Please read the setup instructions here.

Alternative sign in method: Login to Journey via browser. Press the alt key on your keyboard and click on the Sign In to Continue button.
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