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Connect to Apple Health

Journey makes it easier for you to keep a fitness journal by retrieving recent workout sessions from your Apple Health. Journey retrieves workout data within the past 3 days. The supported activities are:


To view workout sessions, go to β€œToday”.

Setup Apple health

In order to connect Journey to Apple Health, please follow these steps:
Install Apple Health.
Open Journey > Settings > Stories > Enable Health Kit Session.
Allow Journey to read "Height" and "Workouts".

Apple Health is only available in iOS app.

Record Workouts

To enable permission, Open Health app > Sources > Journey > Allow Journey to read "Height" and "Workouts".

To record an event in Apple Health, go to Workouts > +.

Record Workouts in Third Party Apps

Install third party fitness app (Must support Apple Health)
Connect the third party app to your Apple Health.
Record a workout event.
The activity should appear in Journey's Today section.

This feature is not available in Journey Mac.

Updated on: 07/02/2023

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