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Shared Web Links

Creating a shared web link offers a seamless way to share your life's moments stored within the Journey Cloud Sync. Whether it's a significant life event, a beautiful snapshot of your day, or an intricate thought process, this feature ensures that your chosen entries can be accessed by your loved ones through a web browser without requiring the Journey app or the creation of a Journey account.

Hereโ€™s a guide to get you started:

Initiate Your Journey Cloud Sync: The first step is to create a Journey Cloud Sync drive.

Craft an Entry: Record the moment you wish to share in a new entry. Your narrative and images will form the body of what your shared link will display.

Generate a Web Link: Navigate to your entry within your timeline and select the "โ‹ฎ" icon, then opt for the "Create a Web Link" button. This action initiates the process of crafting a shareable link.

Customize Your Shared Link: Adding a title and description personalizes your shared link, offering context to the viewers. Securing the link with a passcode is optional for an added layer of privacy. If you wish to add the entry to an already existing shared link, simply select the desired one from your list.

Share Your Web Link: After pressing "done," you will receive a URL. This link is your gateway to sharing those precious moments with friends and family.

Google Drive and Journey Cloud Sync (encrypted) do not support shared web links.

To remove an existing web link, navigate through Settings > Cloud > Select the correct Journey Cloud Sync drive > Shared web links. Here, you will find the option to press โ›”.

Updated on: 03/06/2024

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