Android and iOS
Reinstall (or clear app data and cache) the application to reset your passcode.

Do not reinstall the app if you have not signed into Journey with your Google Drive yet. Kindly tap on the Sync icon to synchronize your journal to Google Drive before reinstalling the app.

Download the application AppCleaner.
Launch AppCleaner.
Locate the Journey application on your computer.
Drag the Journey application into the area indicated by AppCleaner.
Tick all of the checkboxes that have been provided.
Click on the Remove button.
Launch Journey again.

Prior to following the steps provided above, please ensure that your journal has been synchronized with your Google Drive. To synchronize your journal with your Google Drive, please kindly tap on the Sync icon.

Mac Classic, PC and Linux
In the passcode screen, click Forgot Passcode?.

Please contact our helpdesk for assistance with the removal of your passcode.
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