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Journal Templates

Explore hundreds of free templates in Journey or add custom templates in just a few clicks.

Add a Template


Click "+ New" to create an entry > template. Alternatively, you can choose a template in coach > templates.

Mac Classic & Linux

File > New from Template… > Select a template


Click the dropdown menu > New from Template… > Select a template

Mac, Android & iOS

Templates are not supported on these platforms.

Custom Template

Custom template is only supported in Windows & Mac Classic app.

Create a template in .txt extension.
Save the text file in the directory.
Open the template from “New from template…”.



Mac Classic in-store

~/Library/Application Support/Journey2/Templates

Mac Classic App Store

~/Library/Containers/com.journey.mac.mas/Data/Library/Application Support/Journey2/Templates



<number> differs from system to system.

Updated on: 06/01/2023

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