With these major updates to Journey.Cloud Web, we are proud to announce the beginning of our transition to a Progressive Web App (PWA).

What is a PWA?
A Progressive Web App is a combination of web and mobile app technologies — it allows you to use Journey.Cloud on web browsers exactly as you would in a mobile app.

Enable browser cookies
App not running in private/incognito mode
Disable Prevent cross-site tracking in Safari

Supported browsers:
Google Chrome on macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS
Mozilla Firefox on macOS, Windows, Linux
Safari on macOS and iOS (Disable Prevent cross-site tracking)
Microsoft Edge on Windows

If you encounter any issues with the login, please read the section below:

1. Relink Google Drive

If you encounter the screen above, kindly press Link Google Drive Again.

2. Enable Google Drive permission
When linking to a cloud account, please check the See, create & delete its own configuration data in your Google Drive box before pressing Continue.

3. Cookies disabled/Incognito mode

You'll receive this message if your browser cookies is not enabled or if your browser is running on private/incognito mode. On some browsers, the web app will only show a spinning loading icon.

To resolve this issue, kindly turn on browser cookies. Also, run the app in normal mode.

You can read more about Google sign-in here.
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